Virtuemart Simple Import

The Simplest Product Import for Virtuemart Joomla. Developed by end users.

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Free Payment Plugin

Accept credit cards on VirtueMart with the Free PayLeap plugin.

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Pre-Made Online Store

Complete Online Store Solution Ready for Immediate Business. Products Already Loaded.

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Complete Hosting Solution

When you choose the Virtuemart Hosting Package, you get Simple Import and Visual Google Feed FREE. That means Virtuemart is 100% setup for you. With the great tools included, your online store setup will be a breeze.


  • Simple Product Import
    SIMPLY the best way to import products into Virtuemart.
  • Visual Google Feed
    Point and Click to build your Google Product Feed.

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Simple Import
for Virtuemart

Product Import for Virtuemart

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vProduct Feed
for Virtuemart

Product Import for Virtuemart

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Latest News

Free Payment Plugin for Virtuemart 3 (NEW)

We just finished up the new payment plugin for Virtuemart 3.

You can download the FREE plugin here:

Free Payment Plugin for Virtuemart 3 - PayLeap


Google Merchant Feed Specifications

New Google XML Product Feed Specification

Google is rolling out new Merchant Center Data Feed Specifications.

The new feed specification requires you to have additional attributes to product variations that are on your store.  Some of the additional attributes include:

  • Product Color
  • Product Size
  • Product Gender
  • Plus More...

Our extension for Virtuemart vProduct Feed allows you to quickly and automatically assign these variants.  If you manually tried to do this, it could take you weeks to generate your Google XML Prodcut Feed.

With vProduct Feed, you can generate your Google XML Product Feed in less than a hour...  We know... We wrote vProduct Feed for ourselves to use.

Product Import for Virtuemart 2

New product import for Virtuemart version.

We have a new version of Simple Import for Virtuemart 2

There were some bugs found when trying to import text with special characters in the CSV file.  The database function has also been improved.

Simple Import allows you to easily import products into Virtuemart 2+.  It is intended to be extrememly simple to use.  Just follow the instructions with the template CSV file.

We use Simple Import for all of our Virtuemart stores.

Single Product Shopping Cart for Website

The Best Shopping Cart for Single Product Websites

Did you know that we use Visual Cart Pro

It is a shopping cart for single product websites that we developed to sell our own products. 

Some of you may be asking: "Why don't you use virtuemart to sell your products?"

Read more: Single Product Shopping Cart for Website

Google Product Feed Generator

New Version of Google Product Feed Generator

International Version

There is now a new version of vProduct Feed, Google Product Feed Generator.

This new version works Internationally...  It automatically uses the store's currency.  It also allows you to select your country.  You can also change out the Google Category file for your language so that the categories automatically match to your store categories.

Download Google Product Data Feed Generator Here

Google Product Feed Change to Google Shopping

No More Free Product Listing from Google

Many of you probably already know that the once FREE product lising in Google Merchant Center is "No More".  Google now requires you to advertise your products through Adwords.

You still need to generate your Google Product Feed to advertise with Google Adwords.  Google Adwords uses a product extension to automatically read your Google Product Feed in the Merchant Center.  If you don't have a product feed, you will not be able to advertise your individual products on Adwords.

Read more: Google Product Feed Change to Google Shopping

New Payment Plugin for Virtuemart 2

The Best Way to Process Credit Cards for Virtuemart 2

Virtuemart 2 is a great ecommerce software.  There has been a limited number of extensions and plugins for the new Virtuemart.  We have been working hard developing extension for the new VirtueMart.

We are happy to announce that the new Payment Plugin for Virtuemart 2 is now available for download.

Read more: New Payment Plugin for Virtuemart 2

Joomla 1.5 Hacked .htaccess file

Hacked .htacess file Joomla 1.5

We were relatively lucky to catch this hack.  It just so happened that we stumbled on it the same day we were attacked.  Otherwise we would have never know that our site's were hacked.  We have a ton of online stores that run Joomla 1.5 and just assumed that we wouldn't get hacked.

If you are running a Joomla version earlier than version 1.5.26 then your site is very vulnerable. 

Read more: Joomla 1.5 Hacked .htaccess file

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